Climate science is complicated. Last month, we called the 139-page synthesis of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s Fifth Assessment Report “breezy by IPCC standards.” And then summed it up in 10 things you need to know. Meanwhile, some climate researchers and data viz whizzes in Oslo, Norway, cooked up an even better way to make the report comprehensible and interesting.

The scientists, with an outfit called CICERO, and the techies, with a company called Bengler, set out to remix mountains of data from the most comprehensive climate change study ever produced into an interactive timeline that shows how the future of the world might look, complete with a disco-ball Earth to map temperature change, and news headlines from the future, warming world.

The project is called Global Weirding, a term that the website defines thusly:

{glowb’l-wee-erding} noun