Business & Technology

Now that you can send smells through your phone, why even bother leaving the house?

A Japanese company has created a device that attaches to the bottom of an iPhone and that sends smells over the internet.

Dodgers pitcher sues pipeline company to protect endangered cats

Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Josh Beckett is suing to protect the ocelots that hang out on his south Texas ranch.

Bikers are better than drivers for the economy

Bikers, it turns out, are better consumers than car-drivers.

Solyndra sues Chinese competitors for $1.5 billion

Solyndra blames three Chinese-owned solar companies for its collapse, but independent analysts say the bankruptcy was likely Solyndra's own fault.

Coal in the presidential campaign: Sound and fury, signifying little

Coal has become a big issue in the presidential campaign, and it came up again in Tuesday's debate, but neither candidate would do much to stop coal's downward slide.

Can Big Wind wake from its recurring nightmare?

As the wind industry clamors to renew a key tax credit (again), industry leaders explore how to break free from the boom-bust cycle the subsidy has them trapped in.

Keystone blockaders get their hands dirty in biggest protest yet

More than 50 activists tried to disrupt construction of the Keystone XL pipeline in Texas on Monday, and 10 got arrested in the process.

See the sponsored ad the coal industry is running on Facebook

The American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity is running a debate-themed ad on Facebook: 18th-century energy technology meets 21st-century communications.

Here’s Romney’s latest attack on green investment: A123 Systems

A123, a battery manufacturer that got federal stimulus funding, has declared bankruptcy. You'll hear about this during Tuesday's debate.