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ExxonMobil contributes to Hurricane Sandy

$1 million dollars. What'd you think we meant?

Solar: The best of times, the worst of times

The U.S. solar industry is growing by leaps and bounds, but trade skirmishes with China are clouding the horizon.

Pennsylvania agency didn’t mention water pollution near fracking site because no one asked

The Pennsylvania Dept. of Environmental Protection found copper, zinc, nickel, and titanium near a fracking site, but failed to tell anyone.

Wind energy: Getting cheaper, still about to tank

The cost of running wind farms has fallen to a new low, but the industry in the U.S. is still in trouble because of an expiring tax credit.

coal freighter

Exporting to China may not save the U.S. coal industry after all

American coal companies are banking on exports to China, but China's appetite for coal may not be as endless as they think.

Blinded by science: The allure of the technological fix after Hurricane Sandy

Structural protection and technological solutions alone can't keep us safe from climate-related disasters -- and assuming as much can end up causing even more damage.

Tar-sands oil is looking riskier, thanks in part to Keystone protests

An inability to move tar-sands oil out of Alberta, Canada, is giving the industry headaches. Booming U.S. oil production isn't helping.

Big Oil reports massive profits during Sandy cleanup

While victims of Hurricane Sandy continue to suffer, the soulless oil companies that helped escalate the disaster are bringing in big bucks.

Car geeks say the all-electric Tesla is the best car

It's official: EVs are awesome and everyone knows it.