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Massive bailout of energy company prompts predictable response

Here's a good overview of the state of energy politics in America today.

New project in Oregon could make wave power a reality

High-tech buoys from Ocean Power Technologies may be the first system that can provide consistent wave energy to the grid.

Utah OKs nation’s first tar-sands mine

Look, America, you're getting tar-sands oil whether you like it or not.

Lawmaker: We’ll keep the wind tax credit if you give us Keystone

This is perhaps the worst proposed deal in recent Capitol Hill history.

Chicago’s notorious Fisk and Crawford coal plants go offline

Chicago will no longer be the only major U.S. city with two coal plants operating within its borders, and that means vast improvements in the health of local residents.

Curtain rises on California’s planned carbon market

From big emitters to tomato tinners, over 100 California businesses got their first taste of cap-and-trade. Here's how it works.

These are basically treasure maps for renewable energy

Detailed maps of the best places for solar, wind, and geothermal are basically guaranteed to make you rich.

People think cloud computing involves actual clouds

We know that people often confuse weather and climate, but apparently a lot of people also confuse weather and weather-related metaphors.

Frackers’ faulty concrete leads to methane in Pennsylvania wells

But don't worry, folks. The industry says this rarely happens. So the odds that your water is flammable are pretty low.