Meet the fixer: This organizer fights for safer waste disposal.

Trash incinerators spew dangerous toxins. Ahmina Maxey fights for safer waste disposal.

Meet the fixers: These teens sued for environmental justice.

Oil and gas drilling in cities puts people of color at risk. L.A. youth groups sued their city to clean up its act.

burn notice

Why people have to learn to live with wildfires

The best way for forests to adapt to climate change is for them to burn.

Grist 50: Member pick

Meet the fixer: This developer built an app for food waste.

Perfectly good meals wind up in the trash. Raj Karmani built an Uber for food waste.

Paradigm problems

Tesla’s parking lot is a nightmare hellscape.

Is this our future, too?

really windy city

Chicago wants to dominate in renewable energy.

In eight years, the city plans to power its public buildings with 100 percent clean energy.

wake-up call

A black community in Oakland says pollution is violating its civil rights.

Life expectancy near the Port of Oakland is nine years shorter than in more affluent pockets of the city.

California rulin'

California’s cap-and-trade program isn’t a tax, court rules

The ruling could help the state meet its ambitious climate targets.

fair share

The technology that brought us Airbnb and Uber can do so much more

Urban policy professor Julian Agyeman says we need to rethink the idea of the "smart city."