Fossil-free at last

What happens when an NAACP leader becomes a climate activist? Some really cool stuff

Kathy Egland, longtime civil rights campaigner, has helped to clean up coal pollution, encourage solar, and prepare communities for disasters.


It happened to me: The NFL built a “Super Bowl City” in my city

In honor of the big game, downtown San Francisco has turned into an immaculate temple of beer cans.


San Francisco wants workers to use vacation days to accommodate the Super Bowl

The city that isn't even hosting the game is spending a ton of money to cope with it, and asking workers to, um, pitch in too.

Hillary Clinton and the Flint water crisis

There's more than one reason the Democratic candidate has jumped on this issue.


Shaming homeless people? There’s an app for that — or is there?

SnapCamp is either a horrible idea or a smart commentary on the tech industry.


What’s wrong with giving farm states the keys to our elections? Everything

Giving rural states first crack at the presidential contest every four years is bad for the climate and the planet.


Say hello to East Africa’s first solar-powered bus

It looks like the wheels are being set in motion for cleaner transit in Uganda.

The seas are swallowing South Florida. Where’s Marco Rubio?

Rubio, a Miami native, is still silent on climate change -- even though rising sea levels are already affecting life in his city.


Garbage-detecting vultures tackle Lima’s trash problem

As the saying goes, the early bird gets la basura.