In the months leading up the California primary, all eyes have been focused on the Hillary vs. Bernie cage match. That’s too bad, because there’s another Democrat-on-Democrat struggle going on in the race for the California Assembly that’s full of suspense. It’s another episode in Big Oil’s ongoing fight to roll back the state’s ambitious climate laws.

California has the most wide-ranging climate plan in the country. It’s also home to a Democratic party that rewrote its platform last February to call for an end to coal-fired electricity and to investment in “new fossil fuel infrastructure projects.” But the state remains one of America’s top oil producers and consumers, so it’s not surprising that the petroleum industry has spent a lot of money in statewide elections, aiming to gather friendly representatives to help them unravel California’s goals.

Consider the Coalition to Restore California’s Middle Class (CRCMC), a political committee funded entirely by oil companies. It has spent about $2 million on eight California Assembly races so far.