Election 2012

Does Santorum think the pope is a ‘radical environmentalist’?

Rick Santorum presents himself as a devout Catholic, but on the issue of climate change, he strays far from the pope's teachings.

Why all promises to make gas significantly cheaper are fantasies

Unless the world economy crashes or intercessory prayer starts working, no one on the planet has the power to significantly lower the price of gasoline at the pump.

Ask to grind: Your questions for presidential candidates

Just before the next GOP showdown in Arizona, we asked Grist readers to help us come up with presidential debate questions that don't suck. You delivered in spades.

Santorum campaign can’t tell the difference between environmentalism and Islam

Rick Santorum said this weekend that President Obama believed in a "phony theology," sparking concerns that he was publicly denying that the president is a Christian. He later clarified that he was referring to Obama's energy policy. Wait, what?

Help come up with presidential debate questions that don’t suck

In the 20 Republican presidential debates so far, 839 questions were asked -- and more of them focused on the moon than on the earth. What green questions should we be asking the candidates?

Symphony of Santorum: Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine supports Rick

This calls for double devil horns, y'all: Megadeth's frontman just came out in support of GOP candidate Rick Santorum for president. One thing's for sure: Mitt Romney's sweating bullets.

Crazy talk: Rick Santorum out-denies the climate deniers and spins eco-conspiracy theories

Rick Santorum is way crazy when it comes to environmental issues -- so crazy he makes Newt Gingrich's moon-colony plans sound plausible, and Mitt Romney's climate flip-floppery look presidential.

Why Ron Paul, elderly libertarian crank, turns young voters on

Paul's radical policy prescriptions rankle many -- but the perennial outsider candidate is winning an alienated generation's heart.

Santorum warns of ‘reign of environmental terror’

Rick Santorum's latest approach to environmental conservation seems to be that liberals are a form of psychological terrorists, using guilt and science to distort the truth and frighten real Americans into sheeplike compliance.