Energy Efficiency


Gimme bomb shelter: FEMA pushes for disaster-proof green buildings

With more climate-induced catastrophes on the way, FEMA chief Craig Fugate calls for “no regrets” building measures like super-insulated walls and reflective roofs. The alternative isn’t pretty.

Energy Efficiency

Frank Lloyd Wright goes solar, posthumously

Taliesin West, the iconic desert home created by Frank Lloyd Wright, is about to go net-zero, which means it will produce as much energy as it consumes.

Green Living Tips

Ask Umbra: Is it bad to leave chargers plugged in?

A reader seeks clarification on energy-sucking phone and laptop chargers. Umbra divulges the juicy truth.

Energy Efficiency

High school boys record green rap video

Man, this video really induces high school flashbacks. A group of seniors at Atlanta’s Marist School created it as part of the Green School Alliance’s Green Cup Challenge. These fine, upstanding young fellas won the video part of the challenge …

Energy Efficiency

GOP to Navy: Use more oil, demand more money

In a budget hearing, GOP lawmakers mocked the Navy for its commitment to conserve energy, and instead suggested it spend more time advocating for military bloat.

Energy Policy

11 important clean energy provisions in Obama’s budget proposal

By including investments in clean energy and efficiency that will create jobs and save taxpayers money, the president has proposed a budget for the 99%.

Energy Efficiency

Overinvesting in energy efficiency, on purpose

How can we get more energy efficiency without additional growth -- that is, avoid the rebound effect? David Roberts thinks overinvesting in efficiency could open up intriguing possibilities.

Energy Efficiency

Why is the White House sitting on efficiency standards?

New efficiency standards for buildings and appliances have inexplicably been awaiting approval by the Office of Management and Budget for months now.

Business & Technology

The Facebook of ride-sharing has arrived

Got a road trip coming up? Why not use Ridejoy to save yourself the gas money and maybe make a new friend in the process?