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Could small, biodiverse farms help Hawaii grow enough food to feed itself?

Some farmers and activists want Hawaii to replace big GMO fields with local farms and food networks that could make the state more self-sufficient.


Ask Umbra: How can I find a vacuum cleaner that doesn’t suck (electricity)?

A reader wonders how to keep his floors clean in the greenest manner possible. Umbra gets swept up in the possibilities.


Why Big Oil is giving piles of money to the NRA

Guns and oil -- they're not just for foreign policy anymore. A new series from Al Jazeera explains why.

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Oakland votes to keep coal and oil trains away

The city council also moved to divest from fossil-fuel stocks.

Killing is the sweetest thing there is

Philadelphia Zoo names adorable kittens after Game of Thrones’ deadliest pets

Because zoo employees enjoy goading the Old Gods and the New, they named the kittens Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion.

Business & Technology

This magic bus recharges while you dig for your fare

TOSA buses can charge in just 15 seconds.


Democrats are getting greener and Republicans are getting dirtier

Increasing partisan polarization is driving the two major parties farther apart on environmental policy. Example A: the wind energy tax credit.

Climate & Energy

Everything you need to know about El Niño — and more

Predictions about what El Niño's going to do this year have been thrown around for the last few months. Here's why you should care.

All-natural selection

When will the vague “natural” food label die?

All-natural Cheetos? Natural butter flavor granules? The natural food label is pretty much meaningless.

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