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Climate & Energy

Nebraska Supreme Court clears the way for a Keystone decision

The court said the pipeline's planned route through Nebraska is just fine. Now the ball is in Obama's court.


We can fix the Gulf dead zone — for $2.7 billion a year

It will cost $2.7 billion to stop dumping fertilizer in the Mississippi, where it ends up killing off everything in the Gulf of Mexico. And it's worth it.


Even Detroit is hatin’ on freeways now

The Motor City is seriously considering tearing down a highway, I-375. Some city bigwigs want to blow up a second one, too.


This horror film is about K-Cups

K-Cups are an incredibly stupid invention. This video shows the terror of bad coffee habits left unchecked.


Federal diet guidelines won’t mention food’s environment connection. Ugh.

The new dietary guidelines want you to know that your food came from the grocery store.

Climate & Energy

Here’s why the Keystone fight isn’t pointless

The battle is about power -- and the climate movement now has more of it than ever.

Plane Speak

Planes have nobody but themselves to blame for making it harder to fly

Not only are the emissions from your transatlantic flight to Rome gassing the climate -- they're also making it harder for that same flight to get off the ground in the first place.


Stop what you’re doing and watch Elizabeth Warren rip apart Keystone

Sen. Warren hauled out a can of whoop-ass on Republicans who want to push through the pipeline, bashing it as a boon for lobbyists and big business.


Why death won’t keep me from biking in the city

Our streets weren't designed to accommodate bikes and cars together, but with work, we can get there.