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Democrats are getting greener and Republicans are getting dirtier

Increasing partisan polarization is driving the two major parties farther apart on environmental policy. Example A: the wind energy tax credit.

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Everything you need to know about El Niño — and more

Predictions about what El Niño's going to do this year have been thrown around for the last few months. Here's why you should care.

All-natural selection

When will the vague “natural” food label die?

All-natural Cheetos? Natural butter flavor granules? The natural food label is pretty much meaningless.

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Now Elon Musk wants to revolutionize solar panel production

SolarCity, the leading residential panel installer, is buying a solar manufacturer and planning to build a huge panel factory in New York.

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Facing serious climate impacts, some Muslims put their faith in going green

Few regions on Earth have experienced climate change to the same degree as the Islamic world.

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The Canadian pipeline (almost) everyone hates gets a go-ahead

Canada's prime minister has approved a pipeline from the tar sands to the Pacific. Residents and First Nations in the way are unlikely to go along quietly.

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Berkeley could mandate climate warnings on gas pumps

If the city council OKs the plan, Berkeley motorists would be confronted with a "CO2 Alert" every time they fill up their tanks.

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Obama to create largest marine protected area ever, because bigger is better

The U.S. is proposing to double the area of protected ocean with the expansion of the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument.

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Hillary Clinton won’t discuss Keystone XL

Clinton is promoting her new book "Hard Choices," but she's dodging a choice on the controversial pipeline.

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