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We are what we eat, but that doesn’t mean we can’t change

Food is identity. So making diets healthier and more sustainable isn't easy. We can begin by cutting out the hectoring and lecturing.

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Here’s the history of environmental justice, summed up in less than 4 minutes

Here's your primer on environmental justice, the movement demanding equal environmental protection under the law, and fairness in the distribution of environmental benefits for all people.

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This comic strip explains why we could see more disasters like Toledo’s toxic algae bloom

Farming practices and climate change are creating a "perfect storm."

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We’ve dug so many tunnels, future historians will think we were mole people

Tunnels, mines, and boreholes will permanently scar the Earth -- and could be a marker of the Anthropocene.

Help us Obi Wan

Will people care about climate change if it happened long ago in a galaxy far, far away?

Climate change? BORING, says this scientist. That can be solved, however, with a little help from Star Wars.

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Conservationists need to get out of the woods — and get serious about diversity

A new report finds that environmental groups, foundations, and government agencies have made little progress over the decades to include people of color, poor people, and others outside of the white middle class.

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President Obama is beginning to make climate-hawk noises

In a new interview with The Economist, the president sounds more engaged with the climate issue -- and more dismissive of denialism -- than we've come to expect.

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Why R.E.M. made the most politically important album of all time

I thought that I heard you laughing, but here's why you should take that bold claim seriously.

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