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drillers gonna drill

Gas prices are way low, but U.S. oil production to grow in 2015. What gives?

A worldwide glut of the crude stuff should mean less oil drilling in North Dakota, right? Wrong.

Run ways

These maps show your city’s best-trod running routes

Oceans, rivers, lakes -- one look at these beautiful maps of smartphone data show just how much we love to run next to bodies of water.


The new year means more healthy food — and junk food, apparently

While we toss in seaweed chips and gluten-free bread into our shopping carts, we forget to let up on the Cheetos.

Business & Technology

Personal rapid transit: The future of public transportation, maybe

A new personal rapid transport system called skyTran could revolutionize urban transportation. Or not.

Business & Technology

Need to borrow a chainsaw? This app can help

Peerby connects folks in need of bike pumps and folding chairs with the neighbors who have them.

Climate & Energy

California’s cap-and-trade program now covers cars

The oil industry claims this will make gasoline prices soar. Experts say that’s not true -- unless the oil industry manipulates the market.


Plants clean this office building’s air in the world’s most polluted city

In the world's smoggiest city, ventilating with outdoor air doesn't work. A little greenery will do the trick, though.


What’s my greenest tea option?

A reader wonders if there's such thing as recyclable tea packaging. Umbra strains for an answer.


A New Year’s scramble to obey California’s hard-boiled egg laws

By aiming rules at eaters rather than farmers, California's bid to change poultry farming might actually succeed.