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Business & Technology

These 3D-printed bricks could replace your AC — except you, Florida

3D-printed bricks that act like air conditioners -- cool new technology for the win!

Climate & Energy

Score one for ALEC: West Virginia is first state to repeal a renewable energy standard

Other states are also moving to roll back renewable policies, much to the delight of the right-wing American Legislative Exchange Council.


Should I run the bathroom fan while showering?

A reader wants to blow off some steam. Umbra says don't waste your energy.


It’s not just climate change: Some GOP leaders disregard science on vaccines too

Chris Christie and Rand Paul have both pandered to anti-vaxxer parents. Here’s why.


5 surprising electric car Meccas

Electric cars are about to blow up in these cities -- and none are on the coasts.

Climate & Energy

Was 2014 really the hottest? Here’s why it doesn’t matter

Instead of getting stuck on annual heat records, we need to focus on the trend of global warming.

Climate & Energy

Awesome news about U.S. clean energy

When you look at some of the hard numbers about how Americans are getting their energy, there's actually a lot to be excited about.

Climate & Energy

Australian prime minister’s reign of climate terror may end soon

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott could soon be booted from office.

Climate & Energy

This amazing gadget is the best technology we have for trapping CO2

Researchers found that the most efficient way to suck up a shit-ton of carbon was ... uh, trees.