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Climate & Energy

Germans spend vacations at wind farms and solar arrays because, duh, they’re Germans

A new guidebook to 200 green projects around the country sold out its first printing. Don't these people have anything better to do?

It's open season

Tesla abandons its patents, aims to spur electric-car revolution

The pioneering EV manufacturer is going open source, allowing competitors to use all of its patented technology.

All wet

Your clothes dryer is a huge energy waster

Washing machines, dishwashers, and refrigerators are much more energy efficient now than they were 20 or 30 years ago, but clothes dryers still suck.

Climate & Energy

Hurricane Cristina just set a scary record

For the first time on record, the eastern Pacific basin has now had two Category 4 hurricanes before July.

Business & Technology

Ford builds cars out of tomatoes while other companies play ketchup

The company is using the tagline, “You Say Tomato; We Say Tom-Auto.” Of course, puns like that are far below Grist's standards.

Ah shit

Climate change could flood your streets with doo-doo and toxic waste

Rising seas and storm surges won't just bring water to people's doorsteps -- they could also bring a witches' brew of sewage and industrial waste.


Ask Umbra: Which is lighter on the land, wild game or farmed meat?

A reader is searching for the most eco-friendly flesh. Umbra chews on the alternatives.

Apocalypse chow

Want to know what the future tastes like? Eat some bugs

Eating insects may be easier on the planet, but how about the palate? Watch us find out in this video.

Business & Technology

Climate change has things on Earth looking rough? NASA’s got a fly getaway ship

The NASA scientist famous for saying that we can travel faster than light has cooked up an intersteller spaceship. And we want one.

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