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Climate & Energy

Four reasons to love Obama’s power plant rules, and three reasons not to

Don't know what to think of EPA’s proposal for regulating CO2 emissions from existing power plants? We've boiled the brouhaha down for you.

Climate & Energy

Three reasons you shouldn’t lose hope on climate change

Ezra Klein recently declared that we've lost the climate fight. We beg to differ.

Drawing the line

These illustrations make climate change palpable — and hilarious

Life on Earth is looking pretty rough, but that doesn't mean it can't be funny. Here's an excerpt from "The Cartoon Introduction to Climate Change."

Climate & Energy

Climate change is washing WWII soldiers from their graves

Ghosts of one of mankind’s greatest tragedies returning, a macabre warning in the face of this, humanity’s next great folly.

Climate & Energy

Grist’s Brentin Mock talks about climate change’s new poster children on MSNBC

Polar bears and and ice caps are out. Black and Latino kids, burdened by air pollution at far higher rates than whites, are in.


Sharknado 2 blows & bites its way into our hearts. Also, livers, legs, whatever it can get its jaws on

The coolest part is that the producers are giving back to the sharks by donating to shark conservation at the University of Miami.

Climate & Energy

Obama really wishes he could put a price on carbon

In an interview with Thomas Friedman, Obama explains his thinking on climate change, from the dangers of methane leakage to the importance of avoiding cynicism.


Dan Barber is an Olive Garden man, and other insights from the smartest celeb chef you know

We got to torture author and chef Dan Barber with Vs., a game in which we ask him to choose between a few of his favorite things.


Ask Umbra: I’m buried in garbage bags. Is there a better way?

A reader wants to get a little of the plastic out of her life. Umbra offers a few tips for reducing refuse.

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