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Food has gotten cheaper — but at what cost?

Americans now spend just under 9 percent of our income on food, about 30 percent less than we did in 1982. But is this a good thing?

Climate Change

A pop culture history of the Earth Summit

When world leaders first gathered to talk about saving the planet, Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together” was grooving at the top of the music charts. If only we had it so good today.

Wind Power

Americans for Prosperity to protest pro-wind rally of ‘extremist’ kite-flying kids

In honor of Global Wind Day on Friday, New Jersey kids will fly kites at the beach. Americans for Prosperity plans to shut down this radical activism.


Oh, SNAP!: Are food stamps another subsidy for Big Food?

New research looks at the ways the food stamps economy may be benefiting corporations like Walmart, Coca-Cola, and Kraft.

Urban Agriculture

Soil survivor: An interview with urban farming legend Will Allen

The MacArthur Genius talks about his new book, his organization's recent gift from Walmart, and his hopes for the next generation.


Romney is not a secret moderate on energy; he’s a Republican

Lots of centrist types think that once Romney's in the White House, his inner moderate will re-emerge. That's because lots of centrist types are naive about American politics.


Animal instincts: Can we harness human nature to do good for the world?

People are predisposed to wander, but travel has hidden environmental price tags. Human ecologist Bill Durham talks about using our wanderlust to connect people with the planet.

Business & Technology

Getting used to being in charge of the planet

Decisions made by people alive today will determine the fate of life on Earth for centuries to come. It's time to take responsibility for our planet.

Climate Policy

Solving the climate crisis means saying yes and no

When it comes to climate work, yes and no are the interdependent and mutually reinforcing faces of responsible action.