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Let’s get over the whole “toilet to tap” thing, shall we?

Drinking recycled sewage water could become the new norm in Cali because it just makes sense.

We graded the feds on their environmental justice programs — here’s how they fared

Each year, government agencies report on what they've done to protect overburdened communities from environmental harms. Some do better than others.


Candy company to kids: Don’t eat too much sugar!

The latest call for moderating our sugar cravings comes from an unlikely quarter: the producer of M&Ms and Snickers.


Cops still have no clue how to deal with sexual harassment on public transit

World: Women don't need another reason to feel like their safety in public spaces doesn't matter.


This new startup wants to sell you ugly fruit and veggies

"Cosmetically challenged" produce usually goes to waste. This company aims to deliver it right to subscribers' doorsteps and to supermarkets.


These 2 heroic scientists died while studying the climate

Marc Cornelissen and Philip de Roo were studying the Arctic's lowest winter ice cover on record. Then they fell through it.


Mountain View to Google: Take your techno-utopian factory town and shove it

Local government scuttles the search giant's big plans to reinvent suburban office-park design with new-model integrated housing.

Climate & Energy

Dear climate scientists: Just tell it to us straight, please

This researcher is calling out climate scientists for watering down their work to appease politicians.


Here’s how Bernie Sanders, the greenest presidential candidate, could get even greener

The socialist senator from Vermont is already the biggest climate hawk in the race, but there’s one critical step he could take to solidify that title.