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Is Amazon’s new Seattle HQ the ultimate tech utopia?

Unlike many of its dot-com peers, Amazon has staked its claim in the city, rather than the suburbs. Now all it needs is more housing. And some nightlife. And...


Can we get people to move back to Detroit?

Once-mighty old industrial cities could sustain much larger populations, and that would be good for the environment. But is it realistic?

The climate conundrum

Texans should brace for more rainstorms, more drought, and more headaches

Climate change is doing a number on the Lone Star State.


Seattle’s unbelievable transportation megaproject fustercluck

Seattle is involved in a slow-motion catastrophe, as construction of a new car-centric tunnel grinds to a halt and cost overruns loom.

Business & Technology

Bunge rejects deforestation promise, NC ag-gag law passes

Two downer updates: North Carolina won't protect whistleblowers on its farms, and an agribusiness giant's shareholders turn down protecting forests.

Taste of Waste

These cafes are turning garbage into culinary gold

All over England, cafes are starting to source entire meals from grocery-store food waste.


Ever heard of a self-healing building? Just wait

This nifty "bio-concrete" might help buildings stand a little longer.

Circuit Du Soleil

Could one of these robots save you in a climate disaster?

In a DARPA-sponsored contest, experts from industry and academia debut robots that could save our butts from climate disaster.


Who is climate change killing this week?

California sea lion pups and New England moose -- that's who!