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Climate & Energy

Wind power could get its tax breaks back

The Senate is moving toward restoring a key tax credit for the wind energy industry. But the House might not play along.


It’s hard to order sustainable fish. This campaign could change that

Oceana wants the federal government to implement a new policy that would require a different name for each species of fish.

Goo Riddance

These carbon-hungry blobs could help fix our oceans

Salps, which look and feel pretty gross, are also tiny climate-change fighters.

Business & Technology

Meet the big green champion of professional sports

Can Allen Hershkowitz's green sports movement turn fans into environmentalists?

Climate & Energy

It takes how many megawatts to power a Dallas Cowboys game?

Eight stats on pro sports' environmental footprint.


What does race have to do with this Yosemite hike?

Asian Americans are barely visible in national parks. The Sing Peak Pilgrimage wants to change that.

Babe Alert!

When there’s nothing left to burn, you have to chill

If the world's going to fall apart, you might as well accomplish everything that you want to.


Temple Grandin digs in on the practical side of what animals want

To improve the lives of the animals we grow for food, we must drop preconceived ideas and try to think like them.

Climate & Energy

Pope hangs out with mayors, gets them to make climate pledges

Sixty mayors from around the world gathered at the Vatican and got encouragement from Pope Francis for their plans to cut CO2 emissions.