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Austin dims its lights, everyone + science wins

A city council decision to invest $15 million in efficient lighting is not only a smart move, it's part of a great tradition started in Silicon Valley.

Coming this August: You, made of garbage

The World Bank's report on the world's garbage creation reveals big differences in how rich and poor countries dispose of waste – both today and in the future.

Jobs taking the last bus out of Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh's decision to nearly halve its bus routes means at least one company won't expand its hiring. The real damage, though, may be long-term.

Detroit turns a freeway into a river

No, it wasn't an artistic statement about transportation and modern society. It was a busted water main -- just the latest in a city and state where infrastructure has been neglected for far too long.

Ithaca mayor turns his personal parking space into a mini-park

The 25-year-old mayor gave up his car to join the 15 percent of his city's residents who walk to work.

Obscure-but-awesome energy law getting shivved by natural gas lobby

George W. Bush signed a law requiring that new federal buildings gradually eliminate consumption of fossil-fuel energy by 2030. Now the natural gas industry is trying to kill the rule.

Meatpacking plant turns into net-zero-energy vertical farm

Soon, a former meatpacking plant in Chicago will replace carcasses and rendering vats with bakers and brewers and fish farmers and mushroom growers. The Plant (ho ho, a double meaning!) is gathering together a bunch of food-makers to create a …

Ad men illegally hack down trees for billboards

Watch one episode of Mad Men and you’ll see just how shady the advertising biz can be. But apparently the red-headed stepchildren of the advertising industry — outdoor billboard companies — are taking douchebaggery to new lows. An investigative report from …

New York subway

4 out of 5 top transit cities are on the East Coast

Walk Score put together a list of the country’s top transit cities, based on the company’s transit scores for more 1 million locations in the largest 25 cities with open public transit data. (Lack of data meant Atlanta and Phoenix …