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This is where pay phones go when they die

A Manhattan photographer has solved the mystery of where all the defunct pay phones went.

Climate & Energy

Awesome animated GIF of a supercell thunderstorm makes severe weather look mesmerizing

This will make you glad you're looking at your computer screen and not out the window.

Climate & Energy

Oyster hatcheries put heartburn meds in the water to fight ocean acidification

Why address climate change when you could just dump Tums in the ocean? Makes perfect sense.


Your daily heartwarmer: Airbnb homes used for disaster victims

Next time a hurricane strikes, Airbnb wants to connect displaced residents with locals willing to donate housing. Aww.

Climate & Energy

First class airline seats have nine times the climate impact of flying coach

It ain't all chocolate waterfalls and massages -- the World Bank finds flying first class uses way more fuel per person than flying coach.


These beautiful photos make New York’s subway expansion look like a fairytale cave

New York is building its first new subway line since 1932, and if these photos are to be believed, it will be a magical cave of wonders.

Climate & Energy

Adorable comic strip asks, “What if climate change were just some douchebag living in your house?”

Climate change: the worst houseguest ever.


The Prozac in your pee makes fish anxious and aggressive

Fish are getting antisocial and even homicidal because antidepressants in our pee -- and improperly treated waste water -- are interfering with their brain development.


Scary-funny parody site Kochify the News simulates a Koch-owned media

Ever wonder what a Koch-owned L.A. Times would look like? Hint: Jerry Brown is renamed Governor Moonbeam.

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