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Tiny, adorable “dwarf” foxes rescued from extinction

Island foxes managed to make “one of the fastest recoveries of any endangered species ever," Treehugger says. Here's how they did it.


“Birthing with dolphins” is hopefully not the newest parenting craze

This couple plans to let dophins assist in their birthing process, and then probably immediately eat the baby. Don't trust dolphins.


Famous wolf pack has no wolf puppies, soon will have no wolves

The population of Isle Royale wolves has shrunk, so much so that now there’s only one signature Y chromosome in all the island’s wolves.


Amazon’s new headquarters will look like giant balls

Amazon's proposed new Seattle campus includes three glass domes filled with plants. Which sounds like an awesome place to work. But they also look a little ... well, you be the judge.


Mesmerizing animation shows a full day of Earth’s weather patterns

The images come from NASA GOES-14 satellite, which monitors weather for NOAA.


This poignant film will make you fall in love with cicadas

Turns out ooey gooey cicada babies are pretty cute, huh?

Climate & Energy

Climate change thaws out 400-year-old plants

Scientists have found plants that have been chilling out under glaciers for about four centuries -- plants that, now that they're out from under the ice, have decided to start growing again.

Climate & Energy

Cat learns to talk, chooses to only say “Al Gore”

This cat does an impression of what right-wingers think environmentalists sound like.

Business & Technology

This pedal-powered contraption can run a computer, split logs, or churn butter

Of course, you have to do the work of pedaling.

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