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World’s most adorable mayor, 4-year-old Bobby Tufts, is seeking reelection

Bobby Tufts loves ice cream, fishing, finding a stick, doing a little dance, and putting things in his mouth. He's very Reaganesque.


Hey foodies: Smoked water is the next big thing

This is the oddest food trend we've seen in a while.


Watch a super-young Frank Zappa play the bicycle

"That's Zappa, Z-a-p-p-a?" the host asks. "Might we be familiar with any of your songs as of yet?"


DIY contraption for making all-natural makeup lets you be the world’s prettiest chemist

With a few basic ingredients (water, scented plants like roses or lavender, and bases like beeswax or almond oil), this invention concocts eyeliner, scented balms, and other beautifying products.


The week in GIFs: Diet soda, joint clouds, and hummus EVERYWHERE

It's been quite a week. No matter how you pronounce it, GIFs sum everything up nicely. Here's our take on the latest sustainability news.


This dog in a beekeeper suit is not just being adorable (but he’s also adorable)

He's not headed into space ... but he IS about to smell some beehives to see if they have American foulbrood.


“Get Lucky” condoms to match your summer sex jam

Daft Punk wasn't talking about winning the lottery. Everybody take some rubbers -- we don't want another 7 million of you.


Meet the roll cloud: The cloud that looks like a joint

It hangs out with thunderstorm gust fronts and only occasionally deigns to show up.


“Solid Rain” keeps plants hydrated even in droughts

Usually, we try to steer clear of mysterious powder imported from Mexico, but "Solid Rain" has us rethinking that maxim.