Grist List


Climb this building without ever leaving the ground

The artist commissioned to create this work, Leandro Erlich, has a thing for "spaces with fluid and unstable boundaries."


This guy went on an insane run in 129-degree heat — dressed as Darth Vader

You underestimate the power of the dark side and a large Red Bull.


Ice cream delivery via bike means your summer just got better

Oh, hello. Did you want a month's worth of artisanal ice cream delivered to your doorstep?

Climate & Energy

Happy 4th! George Washington didn’t need coal and neither do you

We're not saying we should go back to burning only wood. But once, all the way back in 1776, we were free of fossil fuels -- and we could be again.


More useful than a watch: This subway map bracelet

You know the feeling. You're on a crowded train. You don't know what stop you're meant to jump off at. Then you remember you're wearing your subway bracelet.


There’s a 288-billion-mile cloud of alcohol in space

Space is full of booze. Let's go get some.


Your cup of coffee contains cavity-fighting alkaloids and cockroach pheromones

Now you can say, "You know, I'm basically brushing my teeth right now," while slurping a latte.


This fake dead whale gave us the real sads

And that’s exactly what those mean old artists intended.


High-speed video shows how crazy birds look in very very very slow motion

"We can spread a single wing beat across 40 frames," says the professor running this operation.