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What should you eat after the apocalypse?

How about this delicious salad of lentils, weeds, and dead bugs? Listen, it's the apocalypse, stop being so picky.


The late Sen. Lautenberg, an Amtrak supporter, is taking one last train trip

After the mourners gathered in Manhattan this morning, the New Jersey leader's casket went to Secaucus, N.J., to the train station named after him, where it was placed on an Amtrak train headed to D.C.


Handmade, preservative-free chocolate … in the shape of your bumhole

Close your eyes and open your mouth: It's chocolate anus time!


Genius police chief promotes bike safety with “tickets” that get kids ice cream

“My officers will have a quota for tickets … at least one per shift,” he says.


Fluffy cows are the Honey Boo Boos of the bovine world

They don't get that fluffy by accident or by nature. They're coddled, primped, and trotted out to impress the world.


Facebook cofounder Sean Parker illegally damages redwood forest for fantasy Game of Thrones wedding

Don't mind me, just flattening some redwoods that got in the way of my $10 million Game of Thrones wedding.


If you don’t feel like cooking your own bugs, opt for an insect energy bar

You don't want to roast bugs for dinner, and we agree. Roasting is super work-intensive. What you need is a bug-based energy bar.


Don’t worry, guys, Justin Bieber’s monkey is OK

Mally the Monkey was confiscated in Germany, but is starting a new life at a wildlife park. Which is a better deal than many exotic pets get.


How to get precious metals without mining: Dig up city streets

While city streets may not be literally paved with gold, they are covering up a whole bunch of valuable copper.

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