Grist List


The best worst new foods at the 2013 Minnesota State Fair

Forthwith, our favorite absolutely-disgusting-but-damn-we-want-that items.


Eating boogers could be boosting your immune system

Why else would snot taste good except to signal your body it should be eaten? SCIENCE.


Confused black bear breaks INTO zoo

Silly bear. Everyone knows you try to get OUT of the zoo.


Here is the Batman theme sung by actual bats

Da na na na na na na na BAT SOUNDS!

Business & Technology

Record-breaking Volkswagen is more fuel-efficient than your hybrid

Do YOU get 78 miles to the gallon? Didn't think so.


Oregon residents are planning a funeral to memorialize dead bees

As if bees don't have enough problems, tens of thousands were just massacred in Wilsonville, Ore., after a few trees were sprayed with the bee-killing pesticide Safari.


Crazy ants will break your air conditioner

They don't build nests of their own -- they're too wild and crazy to settle down like that! Instead, they swarm in whatever is available -- often electronics, like A/Cs.


The microbeads in your body wash are slowly filling the Great Lakes with plastic

We know, we know. But your skin feels so soft!


Plants can do math

British researchers found further proof that plants are adorable slash taking over the world.