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Don’t get backyard chickens unless you are prepared to kill them

It's pretty simple, really. Hens lay eggs until they're about three. And then they live for five to seven years after that.


London may soon be drinking recycled sewage

And 63 percent of people who took a totally unscientific Guardian poll said they would be fine with this.


Determined kids in small California town push for plastic bag ban

A group of NorCal kids who kept a park open with their efforts have now turned their attention to single-use plastic bags.


This guy got swallowed by a hippo and lived to tell his harrowing tale

Paul Templer almost got eaten by a hippo. He passes the wisdom from this experience on to you.


Sorry, Jared, Subway food can be just as bad for you as McDonald’s

Sure, it's possible to get a somewhat healthy sandwich at Subway. But that is not what people are ordering.


Hand-sized, house-eating snails show up in Texas

Texas had a scare when a snail resembling a giant African snail showed up in Houston. Luckily, it was just a rosy wolfsnail.


Women who watch more TV have fewer babies

And no matter how much energy they suck up, TVs are still more environmentally friendly than those energy-intensive creations known as children.


Elephant stomps on a poacher who tried to shoot him

Given the lack of human protection, the elephants are doing it for themselves.


Looking for a cleaner way to camp? Sleep in a trash bag

Music-festival slobs can make a mess in their trash-bag tent, then throw the whole thing away. It doesn't reduce the amount of waste, but it reduces the amount that's on the ground.

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