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Volunteers picked up 10 million pounds of beach trash last year, including 2,117,931 cigarette butts

That's the weight of 5,000 cars. It’s heavier than the Capitol dome.


Orphaned polar bear finds home and roommate

That adorable polar bear orphaned in Alaska found a home at a Buffalo zoo.


This house is designed to be eaten by plants

Italian architecture firm Act Romegialli designed this building to start as a little garden house, and then be gradually eaten by the garden.


People are so addicted to KFC that they’re willing to smuggle it across the Gaza border

So far, the delivery service, Yamama, has brought in 100 meals, according to the New York Times.


Antarctica’s “bleeding glacier” is kind of terrifying

Don't worry, it's just ketchup. No, wait, it's just runoff from a hidden lake.


Americans’ main complaint about water is that it tastes too much like water

There are a lot of Americans who think water's boring unless it tastes like artificial flavors and sweeteners.


Gray whale spotted south of the equator for the first time ever

According to the Guardian, some scientists are "speculating that this much-hunted great whale -- reduced to near extinction in the 20th century -- is regaining ancient migratory routes.


A 70-degree weather swing had South Dakotans change from parkas to bikinis in one day

One day, the temperature was 22 degrees F. The next day, it was 92.


This app helps you avoid supporting Monsanto and other terrible companies

Scan a product with Buycott, and it analyzes the insane web of corporate ownership in order to tell you exactly what terrible policies you'd be supporting if you bought that cereal.

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