Grist List

Business & Technology

This electric car runs on tweets

This 1967 Karmann Ghia, converted to electric by Kansas City high schoolers, will turn Twitter mentions and Facebook likes into wattage to complete a 1,000-mile trip.

Business & Technology

Croatia is training honeybees to locate landmines

They don't call it a "hive mind" for nothing.

Business & Technology

This solar panel printer can make 33 feet of solar cells per minute

The type of solar cell isn't the most efficient, but it lends itself to uses where you need a little flexibility.


The downside of Greek yogurt: Seas of fish-killing toxic byproduct

All that Greek yogurt you're eating is creating a toxic byproduct: gallons upon gallons upon gallons of acid whey.


The future of urban farming is pink

The reality of vertical farming could be a little bit weirder and a little bit less natural-looking than we usually imagine.


Amtrak may start allowing pets to ride with you

Technically all the animals will be in kennels, but we're going to cling to our fantasy of being whisked through the countryside in a pile of cats and dogs.


Artist displays chunks of real glaciers as sculpture

This exhibit at MoMA consists of glacier chunks, flown from Iceland, sitting in an artificially cooled room. Maybe not the most environmentally friendly statement.

Climate & Energy

Watching a tornado victim find her lost dog will make you feel at least a little better for at least a minute

Thank goodness for one little bitty bit of good news.


Fourth-grade filmmaker sneaks a camera into the cafeteria to document his gross school lunch

Zachary Maxwell sneaked a camera into his school cafeteria. From that footage was born his aptly titled documentary, "Yuck."