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Sean Parker defends multimillion-dollar wedding

A letter from Sean Parker to the Atlantic's Alexis Madrigal questions the California Coastal Commission's report of his expensive, damaging wedding.


Bird penises are fascinating. Wait, where are you going?

Occasionally we like to remind you that you should not mess with nature because it is weirder and scarier than you. Case in point: duck dick.


Disgusting pizza-spaghetti smoothie will make you glad you’re an American

Can you think of anything tastier than a pizza-and-spaghetti-flavored slushie? YEAH, US TOO.


Toss your kombucha: Sperm is the new superfood (at least for squid)

We need SQUID to tell us that ingesting sperm is a good idea? We've been doing that for -- never. Hi dad!


Spanish village shamed dog owners by delivering their unscooped poop back to them

A small village in Spain has come up with a neighborhood beautification plan that’s been incredibly successful, kind of creepy, and totally, totally gross.


Meet the squee-iest ancient primate ever discovered

This guy, now named Archicebus achilles, lived 55 million years ago, weighed just about an ounce, and is just about the cutest little ancient primate skeleton you'll ever see.

Climate & Energy

Scientists have found “God’s bathtub,” a lake totally untouched by climate change

If only He would turn this water into wine.


What should you eat after the apocalypse?

How about this delicious salad of lentils, weeds, and dead bugs? Listen, it's the apocalypse, stop being so picky.


The late Sen. Lautenberg, an Amtrak supporter, is taking one last train trip

After the mourners gathered in Manhattan this morning, the New Jersey leader's casket went to Secaucus, N.J., to the train station named after him, where it was placed on an Amtrak train headed to D.C.

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