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Climate & Energy

99 red balloons can power 4,500 homes

This wins for most charming solar concept based on a one-hit wonder from the ‘80s, and maybe most charming solar concept ever.

Farm runoff leads to a rise in eight-legged frogs

The mutations are the work of a parasite -- the flatworm Ribeiroia ondatrae.

Brazil plans to save endangered animals by cloning them

Pronto! Apontar! Clonar! (That's ready, set, clone, in Portuguese).


Alors! A wobbly bridge over the Seine! Tres magnifique!

The French may seem serious but when it comes to les bridges they are tres whimsical, no? As evidenced by a plan to build a wobbly bridge over the Seine.

This talking seal is actually kind of spooky

Hoover sounds enough like a person that it's kind of scary.


Sandy’s winds caused new World Trade Center building to make an eerie humming sound

Rising winds from Sandy caused the unfinished 104-story tower made a sound like a weird ghost.

Business & Technology

Solar-powered generators save Sandy victims from waiting in line for gas

It’s nice to think that the aftermath of an eco-catastrophe won’t be forcing everyone to use unsustainable power sources that will probably only make climate change worse.

Because every disaster needs its ridiculous problem, let’s talk about these people who gained five pounds after Sandy

Sandy was a monster. It leveled neighborhoods. People lost lives and homes. Some residents, however, have a complaint of a less grave nature.

Elephants have a special word for ‘oh no, BEEEEEEEES!’

Despite what Disney might have told you, elephants aren’t particularly afraid of mice. They are not, however, fond of ants. And bees give them the creeps — so much so that when they hear the …