Grist List


The drought is so bad that the British have to eat ugly vegetables

"Knobbly carrots, wonky spuds, bent courgettes and discoloured cauliflowers" are all on the table.


Homeland Security breaks up cheese-smuggling ring

Cheese is expensive in Canada. Really expensive.


This London butcher is selling fake human meat, and it is INCREDIBLY TRAUMATIC

Just keep telling yourself "it's only animal meat that someone has lovingly sculpted into the shape of human meat." On second thought, that won't help at all.

High schoolers run a solar-powered treatment plant that will give clean water to 750 families in India

This solar-powered water treatment plant, which will make 1,300 gallons of clean water every day, is owned and operated by high school students.


How did we let another country beat us to pizza-encrusted candy bars?

America, I still believe in your ability to bang two junk foods together and make something horrible. But Pizza Hut Middle East scooped you on the pizza-dough-coated Kit-Kats.

Business & Technology

Internet genius wants you to ride around in a series of 900-mph tubes

PayPal founder Elon Musk is getting sick of waiting around for someone to build a bullet train. So he’s come up with an idea he calls the Hyperloop, a sort of mega-fast Futurama people-tube situation that would get passengers from L.A. to San Francisco in 30 minutes. The Hyperloop would move people at speeds up to 900 miles per hour, well in excess of the fastest maglev train speed ever recorded (361 mph). So on the one hand, it seems pretty implausible. On the other hand, Elon Musk is pretty implausible — he’s a billionaire entrepreneur rocket scientist genius who was reportedly …


New York is building the world’s largest ferris wheel in Staten Island

The city has decided to give tourists a reason to stay in the borough for longer than the time it takes to catch the next ferry.

Donate $5 to charity and these guys will dance in a bear suit, fix your resume, or walk your dog

Raise5 lets you get the warm fuzzy feeling of donating to charity, PLUS have someone design your business card, draw a picture of your hair, or remind you of good bits from the Simpsons.

Nazis kidnap Buddha statue from spaaaaaace!

There is an iron Buddha statue, just under 10 inches high, that has now been confirmed to be made from a meteorite

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