Grist List

Business & Technology

Google trend watch: The indoors are the new outdoors

Google brings backpacking indoors with a very sexy and subtle new virtual mapping device!

Brain Freeze

These ice cream makers aren’t down with vanilla’s brand new invention

Companies like Häagen-Dazs and Straus Family Creamery won't be using vanilla made via synthetic biology.

Chickened Out

PETA’s new virtual reality game could make you too chicken to eat chicken

I, Chicken, a new virtual reality game from PETA, lets you experience life as a chicken just before slaughter.

Climate & Energy

Watch the world go up in fracking flares

Natural gas flares join city lights and the Great Wall of China as stuff you can see from space.

It's electric

This California bill will make electric cars way less pretentious

If passed, the Charge Ahead California Initiative would subsidize electric cars for low-income drivers throughout the state.


Here’s what your Hawaiian vacation will look like in 2050

A new report on climate change doesn't bode well for Hawaii's tourism industry.


Girl, let me see that thong (over your mantelpiece)

Someone is actively soliciting all of the 5-for-$15 thongs you’ve accumulated over the course of your post-Bat Mitzvah (hopefully?) life.


This 3,300 foot crack in the Mexican desert is nothing to worry about

“This is no cause for alarm,” one official said. Um, yes, it is.

Do you want the good news or the bad news?

Renewable energy is up, but renewable investment isn’t

Despite a worldwide boom in clean energy, the International Energy Agency warns that governments need to keep encouraging the sector or growth will lag.

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