Q. Dear Umbra,

I have more than 2M wire hangers (slight exaggeration) that most cleaners don’t seem to want back. I suspect those that say they take them back probably trash them. If there is a purposeful use for them, I would like to pursue it.


A. Dearest DB,

Funny how those hangers pile up, isn’t it? One day your closet is nice and orderly, the next mounds of misshapen metal are spilling out onto your bedroom floor. I (and Garfield) can relate, even if I haven’t quite hit the thousand mark. Sounds like it’s beyond time for you to clean out that closet — and yes, your excess hangers deserve better than the landfill. So here’s your summer spruce-up strategy, a multi-pronged attack that will leave you with exactly as many hangers as you need, and no more.