On a scale of 1 to 10, Fort McMurray’s air pollution is a 38

Yes, you read that correctly.

Is it time to give up on the 350 ppm goal? We’re now consistently above 400.

Three years after we crossed the threshold, we may not drop below it again.

Climate deniers are smart enough not to bet against Bill Nye

Not even prominent climate deniers Marc Morano and Joe Bastardi would gamble against this April being the hottest on record.

Check out these photos of bad-ass climate activists around the world

Over the weekend, tens of thousands of activists in 13 countries on six continents protested against the burning of fossil fuels.

Turns out young forests are pretty great at sucking up carbon

When forests regrow, they’re hungry for our least favorite greenhouse gas.

A Manhattan-sized oil spill just hit the Gulf of Mexico

Offshore drilling is hitting new highs in the region, and it has its risks.

This herb could be the secret to curbing cows’ climate-changing burps

Researchers are studying whether oregano could rein in methane emissions from dairy cows.

Cities ask residents to snitch on illegal Airbnb rentals

Berlin has a website that enables people to anonymously inform on law-breaking landlords, and Munich might follow suit.

Hey, energy geeks, there’s now a podcast just for you

It’s from the Department of Energy, and it’s electrifying.