Ralph Nader
Nader, back at the microphones again. (Photo by Reuters/Stringer.)

Ralph Nader is back in the news, keeping up that reputation as a perennial gadfly. Over the last few days, the former Green Party presidential candidate and consumer advocate has attacked President Obama for being weak on climate, weak on the Keystone XL pipeline, and, oh, a war criminal to boot.

In an interview with Politico, Nader laid into Obama for his brief mention of climate change during his recent convention address:

He has been ignoring even talking about climate change, and in his speech in Charlotte, he said, ‘climate change is not a hoax.’ Can you imagine a more defensive assertion of something that is threatening with droughts and famines and invasive species all over the world?

Nader says there’s a clear reason why Obama hasn’t been tying energy issues to climate change:

There’s just too much money that has to be raised for the campaign. And if you look at the hospitality suites in Charlotte and Tampa, they weren’t exactly anti-global-warming hospitality suites. They were the coal industry, the energy industry, and the gas industry, and the money pours in.