GOP attacks the EPA for doing its job

The GOP refuses to acknowledge that the Obama EPA is following federal laws and court orders issued when the Bush administration failed to abide by the law.

Forget China; largest rare earth element deposit is under this Nebraska town

Perhaps you've heard that China has a worldwide monopoly on rare earth elements, without which the high-tech and cleantech world -- electric cars, computers, cell phones, wind turbines, smart meters, advanced batteries, the whole enchilada -- would grind to a …

Mystery orange goo turns Alaska into a Cheeto

The Alaskan village of Kivalina woke up coated in a shiny, powdery orange substance last week. When that happens to me it usually involves bourbon and Doritos, but presumably the authorities have ruled that out in this case. They've also …

As summer temperatures rise, so does deadly coal pollution

Coal-fired power plants are a huge source of air pollution, which poses an immediate threat to health on hot summer days when smog levels are highest.

Critical List: Canada’s pushing tar-sands oil; cutting methane also helps cut climate change

In 110 meetings over less than two years, the Canadian government tried to convince Europe to delay or derail legislative changes that could affect the imports of tar sands oil. Basically, Canada doesn’t want Europe to know how carbon-heavy the …

Give me my fish

Tomorrow is the last day for public comment on a long-overdue EPA plan to capture airborne mercury.

Fishing for change

Recycled Fish turns anglers into conservation stewards, in the hopes that future generations will be able to fish in healthy waters.

Here’s how the debt deal could spell doomsday for climate and energy

The debt deal Washington just passed is going to pit defense spending against the budgets of the DOE, EPA and incentives for clean energy production, GOP strategist Mike McKenna tells Politico.

NASA will clean up contaminated soil with salad dressing

There's an upside to the end of the space shuttle program: Now that the shuttle has been grounded, NASA can turn its attention to acres of contaminated soil and groundwater, the result of chemical spills from shuttle launches. And they're doing …