Plastic water bottle ban leads to unexpected results

University of Vermont stopped selling plastic water bottles -- and it backfired.

Greens who want results should take lessons from the grassroots

In Turkey Creek, Miss., environmental justice activists have won by forging uneasy alliances. Welcome to your new reality, Big Greens.

The tiny house documentary is finally (almost) here! Peek inside the result

Christopher Smith and Merete Mueller built the 127-foot space without a plan. Gutsy!

Pasture blazed: How more wildfires could result in less grass-fed meat

As the charbroiled western states cool down for the winter, ranchers are bracing themselves for year-round fire risk. Here's what that means for the meat on our plates.

Sandy could result in kinder, gentler subway rats

If the dominant rats were further down in the tunnels, mostly submissive rats would have survived. Which could make rats nicer overall. Maybe. Probably not.

China’s brand-new baby panda is the result of actual panda sex

Fans of (slightly weird) adorableness are having a good week, as a panda named Yuan Yuan at Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding and Research Base in southwest China gave birth to her fourth cub.

Temperature increases result in economic decreases

A new study finds that hotter weather hurts economies in developing countries. So, that's great anyway.

Election recap: Much ado (and cash) results in nothing

What do millions of dollars in television ads and mail and voter outreach get you? The status quo in Wisconsin and California.

Will the Butterball raid yield any real results?

If turkey were beer, Butterball would have the brand power of Budweiser, Miller, and Coors combined. From six plants, the company produces 1 billion pounds of turkey each year and exports the meat to over 50 countries. Given this dominance, …