The best sperm delivery system ever

Speeding to its destination.Photo: Mikael Colville-AndersenSo the Danes do bicycles better than just about anybody else in the whole wide world. We knew that already, …

Scarlett Johansson tells GOP to lay off Planned Parenthood [VIDEO]

Before the budget deal was hammered out last week, Scarlett Johansson made this video in defense of Planned Parenthood. As it turned out, funding for …


Buy green sex toys, help support Grist

You can’t get pregnant, or get anyone else pregnant, by playing with yourself — good to note in this year of 7 billion. That’s why …


‘Let’s talk about sex’ — and what American teenagers don’t know about it [VIDEO]

“Every day in America, 10,000 teenagers catch an STD, 2,400 young girls become pregnant, and 55 young people are infected with HIV.” Those sobering stats …


Hilarious cartoon ads: Sex is no accident. Always use a condom.

Best. PSAs. Ever. From MTV in Germany. We could use ads like this ’round these parts.       Again with the MTV doing good …

How to queer ecology and the environmental movement

Alex Johnson exploring riotous, unpredictable Nature.Missoula-based writer Alex Johnson believes we need to queer the concept of ecology, and I’m inclined to agree. After enjoying …

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