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Watch out for radioactive tissue boxes

Radiation is an effective treatment for some serious illnesses, but it's not generally applied to the common cold -- unless you bought a metal tissue box from Bed Bath & Beyond. In January, the retailer recalled tissue boxes from 200 stores because they had been contaminated by radioactive metal.


LEGO buys $500 million worth of wind turbines

The world's third-largest toy manufacturer is going to be putting "made with wind power" labels on all those boxes of LEGOs, and not just because they bought their power from utilities with wind turbines. Kirkbi A/S, the family holding company that owns LEGO, will be buying actual wind turbines representing fully a third of an offshore wind farm, reports Reuters.


Study: Green economy lost fewer jobs in the recession

According to a new study by a California think tank, the "core green economy" -- industries focusing on sustainable energy, clean transportation, green products, conservation, and recycling -- weathered the U.S. recession better than the economy as a whole. In California, at least, the green economy lost only 3 percent of jobs between January 2009 and January 2010, versus a 7 percent loss for the state economy overall.

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Turning your teeth green — in a good way [VIDEO]

Nathan Swanson might be the greenest dentist in the state of New Hampshire ... or the whole country. His practice, Newmarket Dental, reduces radiation by using a digital X-ray sensor, hands out toothbrushes made with recycled yogurt containers, and is on its way to being a paperless office. Swanson can't make getting your teeth cleaned more fun, but he can make it greener. Check out the video to find out how he does it.


Hostess Brands is going bankrupt

Have we, as a country, grown beyond Ding-Dongs? After posting a $341 million net loss last fiscal year, Hostess Brands, maker of iconic grody lunchbox snacks and hyper-bleached sandwich bread, is filing for bankruptcy. (Financial bankruptcy. It was always nutritionally bankrupt.) The company, which has assets of roughly $1 billion, has been struggling under the weight of a roughly $860 million debt load and soaring expenses tied to its labor force. Hostess has up to 100,000 creditors, and its chief unsecured creditors are labor unions and pension funds that represent the company’s employees, according to the Chapter 11 petition, filed …

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Fixies to the people! Building a business on no-frills bikes

Photo: Solé BicyclesTwo days before New Year's Eve, Jimmy Standley was in Lake Tahoe getting ready for the inaugural SnowGlobe Music Festival, three days of tunes, parties, after-parties -- oh, and he had to sell some bikes, too. As head of business development for Solé Bicycles, Standley is one part of a five-man team bent on bringing fixed-gear bicycles to the masses. Fixies, as they're affectionately known, are bicycles at their most basic: frame, wheels, pedals, seat, and handlebars. Whereas most bikes have a "freewheel" system that allows the wheels to spin independently of the pedals, on a fixie, if …


Facebook and coal are no longer in a relationship

Until recently, Facebook had an "it's complicated" relationship with coal; an April 2011 Greenpeace report found that 53.2 percent of the company's electricity use was coal-generated. Now, the company is pledging to move away from dirty fuel and work towards powering its operations, including energy-suck data centers, using renewable energy. And they're helping to spread the word to others. The move from coal to renewables won't be as slow or rocky as the move from Facebook to Google+, but it's not going to be instantaneous. Still, the company has committed to foregrounding "access to clean and renewable energy" when considering …


Apple HQ could have the country’s biggest solar installation, and it still won’t be enough

The current plan for the new Apple headquarters calls for 500,000 or more square feet of solar panels, generating at least 5MW of power. That could make it the biggest corporate solar panel installation in the U.S. -- but Apple operations take so much power that this will just be supplemental. The proposed building, which would house 13,000 Apple employees, will run primarily on natural gas. The solar panels, which will cover the majority of the building's roof, are providing backup power. Five megawatts is enough to power a million AppleTVs (which I only just found out were a thing), …


‘Human centipede’ business model saves 39 million tons of CO2

One company's trash can be another's treasure -- for instance, a server farm produces excess heat, making heat a waste product, but a greenhouse runs on heat and considers it a necessity. The U.K.'s National Industrial Symbiosis Program (NISP) helps match up companies that produce waste with companies that need it. Essentially, it's a Human Centipede for industry. NISP is the world's most successful "industrial symbiosis" facilitator, and it's linked up more than 1,000 industrial centipedes in the last five years. That's kept 43 million tons of junk out of landfills, and saved 39 million tons of CO2. All this …


Investors representing $20 trillion get behind climate change prevention

It's sort of a no-brainer to realize that we need to invest in clean energy technology and get governments to institute policies that support those investments. Greens have been saying that for ages. But greens, for the most part, do not represent $20 trillion in assets. So when people who do wield that amount of money finally catch on, we should probably take notice. The 2011 Global Investor Statement on Climate Change, issued by the United Nations' Principles for Responsible Investment, is backed by nearly 300 investors who control a combined $20 trillion. And it says that governments need to commit …