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April is Happiness Month at Grist

Join us as we explore the compelling questions that lie at the intersection of Bliss and Green.


The medium chill

Step off the aspirational treadmill and forego some material opportunities in exchange for more time to spend enjoying the things that make for a good life.


What is the American Dream?: Dueling dualities in the American tradition

Throughout history, there have been alternative, competing visions of the "good life" in America. What is the American Dream and what is its future?

Great places: turning from stuff to happiness

This is how happy great places can make you. This is part two in a series on “great places.” Read parts one, three, four, and five. Today, America is making a few people rich and leaving a great many others anxious, uncertain, unhealthy, or unemployed, all while doing irreversible damage to the planet. A whole nest of challenges lies ahead: We need to radically reduce our energy use, natural resource consumption, and CO2 emissions; ramp up our innovation in clean energy and efficiency technologies; rebuild our crumbling infrastructure; restore the health of the middle class; shrink the metastasizing income gap; …

It’s the happiness, stupid!

A new documentary about the real wealth of nations — happiness

Money can’t make you happy, they say. Maybe a new kind of economy can?What if GDP stood for Great Domestic Pleasantness? How about an economy whose success is not determined by growth for growth’s sake? A new documentary, The Economics of Happiness, explores this rich territory. The film makes a connection between the economic crisis, the environment, and a “crisis of the human spirit” — the reality that even as our material wealth has increased, we have not gotten happier. According to a study cited by author and activist (and Grist Board member) Bill McKibben, people in the United …

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