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Great places: turning from stuff to happiness

This is how happy great places can make you. This is part two in a series on "great places." Read parts one, three, four, and five. Today, America is making a few people rich and leaving a great many others anxious, uncertain, unhealthy, or unemployed, all while doing irreversible damage to the planet. A whole nest of challenges lies ahead: We need to radically reduce our energy use, natural resource consumption, and CO2 emissions; ramp up our innovation in clean energy and efficiency technologies; rebuild our crumbling infrastructure; restore the health of the middle class; shrink the metastasizing income gap; …

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It’s the happiness, stupid!

A new documentary about the real wealth of nations — happiness

Money can't make you happy, they say. Maybe a new kind of economy can?What if GDP stood for Great Domestic Pleasantness? How about an economy whose success is not determined by growth for growth’s sake? A new documentary, The Economics of Happiness, explores this rich territory. The film makes a connection between the economic crisis, the environment, and a “crisis of the human spirit” -- the reality that even as our material wealth has increased, we have not gotten happier. According to a study cited by author and activist (and Grist Board member) Bill McKibben, people in the United …

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