Mexico City’s urbanization threatens ancient ‘floating gardens’

Chinampas, or floating gardens -- small artificial islands full of crops, built up on shallow lake beds -- once sustained the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan, producing multiple harvests every year. They still exist in Mexico City, for now.

River rising: Water helps revive a washed-up industrial town

Yonkers, N.Y., needed a facelift, and it found one, beneath the city streets, in a river that hadn’t been seen in living memory.

Smallest legal apartment in California is prefab, adorbs

Check out the smallest studio apartment you can build by law in California: It's 160 square feet, and it includes a bevy of space-saving measures.

World’s worst elected official makes the case for sprawl

"Well, let me state it unequivocally: I love sprawl," says L. Brooks Patterson, county executive of Oakland County, Mich.

You work 3.84 minutes per day to pay for your bicycle, 2 hours for your car

Americans work on average two hours out of every day to pay for their cars. A bicycle costs only 3.84 minutes.

Why the 21st century will see migration back to the Rust Belt

Now that climate change means the Sun Belt is becoming the Drought Belt, you might want to head north.

The McMansion trend has peaked

Americans' ideal home size declined to 2,100 square feet from a peak of 2,300, according to real estate research firm Trulia.

America has 40 million McMansions that no one wants

Americans want a car-free existence, which means that around 40 million large-lot exurban McMansions might never find occupants.

Dirty cities make us happy

It was very important to people’s happiness to see their city of residence as beautiful -- but not at all important to see their city as clean.