For the climate skeptics who dragged us all through Climategate on the conviction that climate scientists are lying jerks, here is the data you wanted to see. Here it is. The University of East Anglia put it online for all to access. This might make it harder for scientists to get shared data in the future, since people don’t always like it when you give away their work for free, but it is worth it just to shut you up.

Happy now? Oh, what, you actually have no idea how to interpret this raw data?  

Trevor Davies, who's in charge of research at the university, told New Scientist that he's sure anyone who analyzes the data properly will come to the conclusion that climate change is happening. But he does ask this: "Should people undertake analyses and come up with different conclusions, the way to present them is through publication in peer-reviewed journals, so we know it's been through scientific quality control." Pro tip for skeptics: A peer-reviewed journal is probably not going to publish a paper that’s just “what about the moon volcanoes??” written in crayon.

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