Jenifer Jourdanne has expensive tastes, expensive shoes, and "designer chickens." In an essay in xoJane, she talks about how her long-standing backyard coop didn't dent her rocker cred:

I will have you know I was a maverick. I was the girl in the early 90s at Viper Room where people would say things like “Slash, come over here, no really, this chick has pet chickens!" I mean I am sure they probably thought I used them in an adult act but sorry to bore you, they just walk around my herb gardens looking for snails.

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Backyard agriculture, says Jourdanne, doesn't mean she's an "animal person." She just likes having weird post-lizards that live in her yard and make eggs.

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Most people who love animals cruise up and down the cat food aisle with a sweatshirt that says HAVE A PURRFECT DAY in glittery letters. Animal people wear khakis…The only thing khaki I own is green eye shadow. Animal people have Dorothy Hamill hairdos. I just have a lot of male friends who are friends of Dorothy.

Even if you are an animal person (don't take it personally! I'm sure your khakis are lovely), there's something refreshing about this luxury take on chicken farming. At the very least it might inspire you to put on a gown and enjoy a glass of champagne in the coop, like any other perfectly normal person.