In Urban Dictionary, the fourth definition of “cute” is “pygmy rabbit.” Or actually, it’s probably some gross made-up sex act, but it SHOULD be “pygmy rabbit.” Just look at this thing!

It fits into the palm of a human hand!

But it has also been disappearing from its habitat in Washington State. Coyotes, badgers, weasels, and big bad birds chow down on these little suckers, because they are small, vulnerable, and (we’re assuming) delicious.

Despite the best attempts of scientists to prompt the rabbits to breed in captivity, the bunnies were just not doing their bunny thing. So instead, the state’s Department of Fish and Wildlife is breeding them in their natural habitat. The scientists pen in a few acres, keep the bad coyotes out, and let the bunnies in.

In the privacy of their own burrows, the bunnies are breeding. The biologists were hoping for 60 baby pygmy bunnies this year. They have 115 already.

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In the end, these babies will be released into the wild and tracked to see how well they do. Bring on the cute.

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