Hey, remember that video with the slow loris being tickled? The one that used to make me laugh until I peed?

Yeah, well, get ready to never want to watch it again, after you watch this video of a Jakarta animal market selling lorises and other exotic and domestic pets.

It’s pretty upsetting — the lorises, looking sick and malnourished, one missing an eye, are being kept in crates and cardboard boxes before being sold for about $25. They’ll go for 10 times that much when resold as pets in Japan or Russia, where the slow loris of tickling fame lives. You might already have known that it’s illegal to own a loris — including in Indonesia, even though cops right by the market were obviously turning a blind eye. But it’s one thing to know that intellectually, and another to witness the mistreatment.

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There are also baby monkeys at the market, so that about does it for this video.

I just hope to god we don’t have a similar expose on rescued baby sloths in special pajamas.

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