Of late, I have become obsessed with the soundtrack to a French Disney nature film that, as far as I can tell, hasn’t come out yet. I don’t know if it will ever come out in the states. It’s called Les Ailes pourpres: le mystère des flamants, which a little bit of online translation tells me means Crimson Wings: the mystery of the flamingos. Here’s the trailer:


The soundtrack is done by The Cinematic Orchestra, a band I’ve loved for a while. Kind of difficult to describe them. They’re composed of a bunch of individual artists from the Ninja Tunes label and they play avant jazz with elements of electronica. Gawd that sounds so painful and pretentious though. They really are good — check out their 2007 album Ma Fleur.

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Anyhoo, for this movie they seem to have ditched both the jazz and the electronic stuff and gone for a very traditional-sounding orchestral soundtrack. It’s not the kind of thing I’d typically find myself listening to, but nonetheless, it’s been my go-to chill-out album for weeks now.

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I can’t seem to find it for sale anywhere, but it is available online via a number of, ahem, less reputable avenues.

This song is called “Transformation.”