Shrewdly waiting until the buzz died down, George Will weighed in today on Mike Judge’s The Goode Family. His verdict: It sorta sucks, but thank god someone’s taking environmentalists down a peg.

Let’s take a look at my paragraph-by-paragraph CliffsNotes version of his column:

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  1. Too many people are asking “us” to save the planet.
  2. The media is in on it.
  3. The “incessant hectoring” of the “media-political complex” inspired Judge’s show. Drat, it’s too bad cartoons are an effective medium. But it’s great that this cartoon is helping to burst the green bubble.
  4. Summary of show and characters.
  5. The New York Times didn’t like it, because the reviewer is “complacent” and “smug” and doesn’t believe in the “reasonable dissent” of climate deniers.
  6. The show is not actually that good. But it touches upon “ecology as psychology.”
  7. Now I am going to pivot and talk about Nordhaus and Shellenberger!
  8. Green consumption/individual actions are ridiculous.
  9. Green consumption/individual actions are ridiculous.
  10. Green consumption/individual actions are ridiculous.
  11. Green consumption/individual actions are ridiculous.
  12. Oil and coal will save the world’s poor!
  13. The green bubble has burst because the economy is slowing green consumption. Thanks, recession, for forcing us to get real.

Which … has literally nothing to do with Mike Judge skewering greens? Among other flaws.

I’m pretty sure George Will is officially the Andy Rooney of the print world.

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