We know. There’s nothing green about owning a 20,000-square foot house, or flying in a private jet, or stocking a wardrobe the size of a studio apartment. Famous actors indisputably leave a much larger carbon footprint than the average citizen. But their celebrity gives them a far greater ability to influence others, so their efforts toward eco-consciousness can make a difference. Two years ago Grist published a list of green actors. Now we give you an updated version: some younger, fresher faces whose greenness may not be as dark or deep as that of Robert Redford and Ed Begley Jr., but who could be on their way to becoming Hollywood’s next green dream team.

Orlando Bloom

Orlando BloomPhoto: Hengist Decius

He drives a hybrid, has a solar-powered house in London, works with Global Green U.S.A., and helped launch Global Cool, a campaign to fight climate change and encourage people to take small eco-friendly steps. “I’m very passionate about the environment, he told Elle magazine, going on to say he thinks it’s “terrifying” that the icebergs he witnessed on a Pirates shoot near Antarctica could be gone within a few years.