Severine von Tscharner Fleming
Art by Nat Damm. Original photo by Anthony-Masterson.

Severine von Tscharner Fleming

Director and Founder, The Greenhorns
Hudson Valley, N.Y.

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Severine von Tscharner Fleming, 28, is director of the forthcoming film The Greenhorns, about America’s young farmers, and founder of a group by the same name that recruits and supports “greenhorn” farmers. The group provides resources, puts on gatherings, hosts a wikimaps new farms, blogstweetspodcasts, and more. “We have the advantage of youth. Brave muscles, a fierce passion, and probably pretty savvy marketing insights,” she says. “We have a country that needs us to step to the plate, swing that pick, and plant the future—now!” Read a Grist article about von Tscharner Fleming.

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