The admirable folks at the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) have put out the most unintentionally hilarious/awkward recruiting video I’ve ever seen. In case you’re not familiar, ASHRAE’s engineers are aiming to “advance technology to serve humanity and promote a sustainable world.” And, you know, keep the fridge running.

So what do they offer as enticement for young and hip would-be enginerds? “A hot soundtrack and interviews with young members highlighting the importance of our industry, the diverse and creative career opportunities, and the difference our industry is making related to sustainability.” Did I mention that this comes in the form of a rap video entitled, “License to Chill“? All I have to say is, “Thank you, Mr. and Ms. HVAC&R engineer,” for this valuable gem.

Once you’ve gotten your license to chill, you too can help ASHRAE green building codes, “help the ozone” … and then set the world on fire when you bust out these mad rhymes:

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P.S. One of my favorite parts is that almost all of their reasons for pursuing green design revolve around their (future) children and their children’s children. Think of the children — become a heating and cooling engineer!

P.P.S. I promise, I’ve got nothing against engineers. This was just too good to keep to myself.


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