This is the latest in a series of Saturday GINK videos about population and reproduction (or a lack thereof).

Cable channel TLC made fauxlebrities out of Jon and Kate Gosselin, parents to a troupe of eight kids (one set of twins plus sextuplets). And the Hayes family of Table for 12 (twins, twins, sextuplets). And the über-prolific Duggar family with its 19 kids (two sets of twins and 15 individual births). 

How do you get bigger and weirder than that? Polygamists!

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Sister Wives debuted in September, chronicling the adventures of Kody Brown and his three … no, no, wait for it … four wives and their many, many children. They live in Lehi, Utah, and are members of a fundamentalist offshoot of the Mormon church. It’s like Big Love — only for reals!

So far the Duggars actually have the Browns beat, 19 kids versus 16 — but the smart money goes on the Browns to win the long game, as they’ve got four moms hard at work to the Duggars’ paltry one. Luckily, we’ll get a chance to find out. After the conclusion of the show’s short, seven-episode first season, it’s been renewed for a second season, to start airing in March 2011.

James Lee must be rolling in his grave.

So, when can we GINKs expect a reality series about our fascinating lifestyle?

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