New cuteness rule: Anything that contains a smaller version of itself is adorable. Think about it: Kangaroos, koalas, Mandelbrot sets. (No? Adorable fractals? Nobody?) Ergo the McCar, from Chinese company Geely, is the cutest EV ever, because it's not just a sweet little full-electric or hybrid car. It also contains a tiny fold-up electric scooter, which charges itself as you drive.

For us poor suckers who live outside the city, this is brilliant. You can drive your car to somewhere parkable, then hop on your fully-charged tricycle and go the rest of the way to your office/bar/whatever. The trike has a range of 18 miles and a top speed of 18 MPH (which I guess means it can run at top speed for an hour. Math!). The car itself can go 31 miles on all-electric or 373 miles on gas plus electric at a top speed of 80 MPH for the hybrid version, or 93 miles at up to 52 MPH for the electric version. So even if you live in some subdivision 40 miles outside the city, you could get yourself in, easily parked, scooted straight to your desk, and back without touching a drop of gas. And you'd look super cute doing it.

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