Here's good news if the phrase "President Bachmann" sends you into a twitching, frothing fit: For candidates on both sides of the aisle, the best vote-getting strategy is to take climate change seriously

Republican voters don't really care whether you believe in climate change — they were more likely to vote for a hypothetical candidate who made a green statement on climate (warming exists, humans caused it, and we need to take steps to end it) or a non-green statement. They just didn't like the wishy-washers who didn't state a position at all. So to win Republican votes, it suffices to have a stated position, no matter what it is.

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But people don't usually get into office on the strength of their base alone. And Democrats and Independents were more likely to vote for candidates who made a green statement on climate change. In other words, politicians won't lose Republican votes by making a green statement, but they will gain votes from non-Republicans.

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