This bike, designed by custom bike maker Tony Pereira, took top prize in an Oregon Manifest competition to design the perfect urban utility cycle. Pereira's bike is intended as a transitional vehicle for people trying to make the switch from cars. It includes a stereo, a front-mounted locking "trunk," and an electric assist motor. (Plus, it has a cupholder, of sorts! That should appeal to the SUV crowd.)

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Some of the other notable features that competitors incorporated into their bikes:

  • Near-ubiquitous fenders, panniers, and racks (storage and not getting mud on you are major considerations for a daily-use bike)
  • Cargo straps and cargo platforms
  • Easily removable seats, or alternately, really difficult to remove seats that are hard to steal
  • Reflective powdercoat that makes the entire bike night-visible
  • Integrated U-lock storage, including one bike where the lock slots into the front rack's support tubes

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