Jonathan Silver, DOE's loan guarantee czar, is the first government employee to lose his job over Solyndra. leaving the government because the loan guarantee program doesn't have any money left, anyway.

Solyndra's also screwing the rest of the cleantech industry.

The BP spill is still affecting Louisiana, where the oyster season could be delayed and shrimp harvests dropped 99 percent.

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A judge ruled that the EPA was a little too excited about regulating West Virginia coal mines and should have gone through more formal rulemaking on guidelines to dump coal waste into streams. Another part of their work, on water quality, is still at issue, which means coal companies could lose in the long run.

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Some beluga whales have absorbed so much pollution that they're treated as toxic waste.

How much do we really know about how solar panels work? Or, more to the point, why they don’t really work that well?

Fall foliage is starting to show up later in the season, so plan your Vermont trips accordingly.

Aaaah! Moths invade England!

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