Representatives of the less-peaceful element at Occupy Oakland got wind that Whole Foods was threatening to fire employees who participated in Occupy's general strike, so they vandalized a local store. It turns out those rumors were false, but who could turn down the chance to wreck a Whole Foods?

The troublemakers spray-painted the front of the store, trapped customers inside, and threw rocks at the windows. But then, who should come to Whole Foods' defense but … Occupy Oakland! According to the Oakland Tribune, other protestors "enveloped the agitators" and forced them to calm their asses down.

Maybe the 99% has reason to be pissed at a store that offers $49-a-month "nutrition consultation" to people who are already paying for marked-up groceries. But this is a good example of why you shouldn't go off half-cocked about a rumor. The vandals kinda make the whole movement look bad, which is probably not their intent. 

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