We figured this depressing Scientific American article about the top 10 pollution-related health hazards deserved the Onion-style infographic treatment. Here are the actual numbers for how many people are being sickened or killed by toxic pollution worldwide:

  1. Mercury pollution from gold mining (3.5 million people)
  2. Lead pollution from industrial parks (nearly 3 million)
  3. Pesticides from agriculture (more than 2.2. million)
  4. Lead smelting (just under 2 million)
  5. Chromium pollution from leather tanning (more than 1.8 million)
  6. Mercury residue from other mining (more than 1.5 million)
  7. Lead pollution from mining (more than 1.2 million)
  8. Lead pollution from improper battery recycling (nearly one million)
  9. Arsenic in groundwater (at least 750,000)
  10. Pesticide manufacturing and storage (more than 700,000).