EPA may implement California small-motor standards across U.S.

The U.S. EPA indicated yesterday that it was leaning toward approving California’s proposal to require catalytic converters on small motors like those in weed whackers and lawn mowers, eliminating the equivalent of emissions from 800,000 cars. Even better, the agency suggested it may implement the high standards across the country. “We believe harmonizing with California will be cost-effective, good for the environment, good for the industry, good for all the stakeholders,” said EPA air-quality director Margo Oge. At least two small-engine manufacturers, Honda and Kohler, support California’s plan, while the counsel for the main industry trade group indicated grudging acceptance of the state standard, adding, “I want you to appreciate the pain and challenge [our] members are accepting.” EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson will make the final decision later this year. We hope Johnson rises to the occasion.