According to a study by the National Wind Coordinating Committee, “Based on current projections of 3,500 operational wind turbines in the US by the end of 2001, excluding California, the total annual mortality was estimated at approximately 6,400 bird fatalities per year for all species combined.” Let’s say they lowballed things, they underestimated the number of turbines, underestimated the number of birds per turbine, and are sops to the wind industry. Let’s double their number … no, triple it.  No, quadruple! Let’s say turbines kill 25,000 birds a year.

According to the National Audubon Society, house cats kill 100,000,000 birds a year.

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So, much like one can offset one’s carbon use by paying to plant trees, one can offset the impact of a wind turbine by tossing one’s cat into its blades.

It’s the least you can do to avert global warming!

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