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As the West burns and the South soaks, Democrats on Capitol Hill are gunning for an actual federal climate plan, one that would bring down emissions across the United States and put the country on track to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement. But in order to deliver on what may be the federal government’s last best chance to pass climate policy this decade, progressives will need to figure out how to convince the party’s moderates to play along.  

On Tuesday, the House ​​Energy and Commerce Committee approved the details of legislation that, if passed, would get the U.S. closer to President Joe Biden’s goal of eliminating all carbon emissions from the power sector by 2035. The bill is called the Clean Electricity Performance Program, or CEPP. It would essentially use federal money to pay utilities to pick up the pace on selling clean electricity to Americans. 

More specifically, the legislation says that if a company that sells electricity to consumers increases its share of clean energy — we’re talking wind, solar, geothermal, nuclear, and hydroelectricity — by 4 percent every year, it can tap into the CEPP’s $150 billion grant ... Read more

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