Water on many airplanes is contaminated

Happy National Clean Hands Week! While more than 90 percent of folks say they wash their hands after using the bathroom, researchers have discovered that many of them are, well, lying. So wash those hands, people. Except, uh, don’t wash them on airplanes. A new U.S. EPA study just found that the water on more than one out of eight planes tested was contaminated with coliform bacteria, evidence that it contained … how to put this delicately … traces of doo-doo. EPA acting enforcement chief Thomas Skinner urged people with weakened immune systems to avoid drinking the water (or coffee or tea) or washing their hands in it. The EPA is working with major airlines to develop new guidelines for water-testing and handling. The airline industry, not surprisingly, denies that water on planes is unhealthy. Nonetheless, we’re planning on packing Handi Wipes on our next flight.