Baby walrus Mitik has had an eventful life. This summer, he was found orphaned in Alaska. Then, earlier this month, he was moved to New York City — just in time for a massive storm. And he wasn’t just in New York, he was at an aquarium on Coney Island, not exactly the best place to weather the storm. The entire place was underwater! And not in the way aquariums usually are!

On the one hand, walruses are cool with water. On the other hand, nobody is cool with a hurricane. So we’re happy to report, via the New York World, that Mitik is safe and sound:

Aquarium employees remained onsite when the storm made landfall Monday evening and stayed through the night. There they were able watch over the aquarium’s newest inhabitant, the 236-pound walrus baby Mitik. The calf arrived earlier in the month from Alaska, and Jim Breheny, executive vice president of the aquarium, said his care hadn’t been interrupted by the flooding.

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Since it’s nigh on impossible to make your way around New York right now, you’ll just have to take their word for it that Mitik is romping around adorably, unaffected by Sandy drama. Here’s a video of what that might look like, to sustain New Yorkers until you can get down there yourselves.

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