Screencap via KPTVThe stolen bike, with busted and new locks

It’s more or less common knowledge that cable locks suck, but, you know, they’re easy to carry around. That’s why Paul Gilmour of Portland, a student at a local community college, used a cable lock to secure his precious Trek hybrid bike while he was at class.

The bike was stolen. Gilmour didn’t have the money to replace it.

That is where this story would usually end. But Gilmour’s bike was stolen by a thief of unusual conscience. Within hours, he or she returned the bike. With it, Gilmour found a note, which explained that the thief was out of work and struggled with addiction. It came with $10 to put toward a new lock.

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Gilmour told the local news station that he had gone on a “rollercoaster ride of emotion” from “freaking out” to “in shock” that he had the bike back.

With the $10, plus some additional funds, he bought a U-lock.

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