The word biophilia means the love (philia) of nature (bio), and was popularized by E.O. Wilson in a book back in 1984. I requested a Wikipedia article on the topic several months ago. Looks like someone jumped on it and did a pretty good job.

A friend of mine is an avid birder and maintains an impressive backyard wildlife habitat. However, her bird feeders also attract squirrels and rats. The squirrels were becoming a nuisance so she had traps set for them a week ago. She figured there were three or four problem animals. The fourteenth squirrel has been eliminated and they are still coming. As for the rats, well, that’s what rat poison is for.

Bears in Napa Valley are being shot to protect grapes and wolves in Idaho are being shot and poisoned for lots of reasons. You can go here to learn how to poison a wolf.

I think Wilson really missed the mark on that one. People are to biodiversity on Earth what a drop of penicillin is to bacteria in a petri dish.

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