Our overreliance on oil makes us do things that are economically stifling, ecologically destructive, and geopolitically self-defeating.

And then sometimes it just makes us look pathetic.

I refer, of course, to Bush’s man date with Crown Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, during which he begged the repressive dictator to lower oil prices, something the repressive dictator couldn’t do even if he wanted, which he doesn’t particularly. All this took place, of course, on the holy ground of Bush’s increasingly brush-free ranch in Crawford, where Bush and his repressive dictator buddy strolled, hand in hand, appearing for all the world like star-crossed lovers.

Matt Welch is grossed out, and so is Justin Logan, and so am I.

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Via Matt Yglesias, who adds this:

[The price of oil] may go up or down a bit thanks to this or that gambit (Bush’s Saudi ploy, the Democrats’ hackneyed Strategic Petroleum Reserve proposal) but fundamentally it’s something we need to start dealing with, rather than whining about. If cars were more fuel efficient, then high oil prices wouldn’t be so bad, and over time prices might start to fall. If we stopped relying on oil for electricity generation, that, too, would improve the situation.

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You could say that.